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February 04, 2010



whoa girl---i gots to go shopping in your room! i'll take a couple bottle of stickles and a handful of buttons! no fair--i only own 2 bottles of stickles =(
great deal on the embellie storage. i didn't even know they had it at TM.


very fun ivy...i have the embellishment center...bought it on Crop Chocolate but have yet to unpack much to do and not enough time to do it all..


What a great deal on that MM embellishment center! Always wanted to use a 50% M's coupon on that, but it was still a little pricey! But for $29.99, that's a steal! Yeah, i have a lot of twinking h20s and paint dabbers that need to be brought out of hiding and used soon, too!


Awesome finds! I went to that sale on Tuesday as well (and I'd never been to one, either!). I got there at 8 and bought an embellishment center (shhh, it's a surprise for my Mom for her birthday!) and so many other goodies that I need to take pics of and post on the blog.

Are you going to hang your center or leave it sitting on the shelf? If you hang it, I've seen people put a metal strip across the bottom (under the shelf) and put little magnets on the bottoms of their Stickles bottles and hang them upside down. So that way the Stickles are easier to use and you free up that whole bottom shelf because their hanging off the very bottom of unit.

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