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February 27, 2012



you're such an artist! i'm just waiting for the day that we can have a retreat of some sort (maybe when my kiddos are in middle school!) and you can do something fun with my nails!
great find at target! you should definitely keep it!
and i've had my gold card for a few months now....i've tried to take advantage of the free refill on the same day on iced coffee but it didn't happen. please educate me when you find out how to get gold card perks ;)

Jenny G.

Your nails are always so pretty! You can come and scrap at my place anytime! :)


Dude! I had a cat that looked just like Molly, when I lived in FL. My ex husband kept him in the divorce. His name was Yoda. Pretty cat!


You are GOLD! I've maintained gold even after moving to the land of Dunkin Donuts - this girl needs her caffeine ;-) I like Boots hand cream, even if the cap is too tiny. Nice lavender scent. Not sure if they still carry at Target? Enjoy your day!

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