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Crafty wife & mommy that loves DIYs


Random FACTS about me...

*My real name is ELEANOR IVY (Its from the BEATLES song Eleanor RIGBY)*

*I was born in the Philippines and I speak Tagalog Fluently. I came to the US when I was 8 and I just went back this past November*

* I am now in a brand new "age bracket" 25-34 LOL*

*I have a hedgehog named Abbey 2 cats Molly & Earl and I love 'em to pieces*

*I Have one BROTHER*

*I'm a WORK-a-HOLIC...*

* I record all my fav shows
survivor, greys, ugly betty & my friend sammy just got me watching xoxo GOSSIP Girl*

anything else you want to know just email me {insert GRRRRRRRIIIIN here}


i love to travel, cotton candy ice cream makes me happy, my hedgehog Hailey amuses me my son and husband is my life.