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September 17, 2007



Aileen: the first desk is 199.99

and the second desk is 129.99

and this week they have an extra 15% off...and i dont know how scary shipping will be because its an online item only! =( I did measure my kitchen table and it would be longer than my kitchen table which i am thinking is hujungo!

Candi: where did I find this? Its from target online. Its called the Madison Trestle Desk. They have something similar at ikea though.

Oh and if you guys wanna see more picz on the making memories blog under scrap rooms the second one towards the bottom they have some rooms using the table one in white the other black! maybe it is a lil big for a desk huh?

Aileen Alcantara

Hi Ivy! How much are the desks? I like them both. The 1st one holds more stuff, but the 2nd one, you can put your chair underneath, so I'm torn. 1st one seems kind of big though if it's just for a laptop and papers?

Candi Tardio

hey miss ivy!!!!
love the desks! my opinion would be the second desk shown! are they from ikea???

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