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October 23, 2007


gucci shoes

I just wanna face today, Forget about the worst of yesterday. Maybe if I hope a little, try a little more, I'll breathe again. Posed By gucci shoes

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Thank you so much! I was encouraged to do something now. Never give up our dream, the youth is our factor of success.


Happy Birthday IVY!!! I'm so sorry I couldn't be at your birthday party! It looked like you guys had SO MUCH FUN! It was the day of my wedding anniversary. I promise to make it to at least one of your parties in the future! hehehe... Happy 25th! Welcome to the second half of your twenties. :)


Happy Bday, Ivy! :D Wish I was there. :(

Candi Tardio

i am so bummed i missed out on your party :(
looks like you girls had a really nice time!!!
great job on all the *goodies*!!!


IVY!!! What a great looking party & accessories! LOL!! So sorry I had to miss it...good thing tho, I was sick for several days and just NOW recovering!! Happyhappy, my friend!! xoxoxo

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