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November 20, 2008



Hi! Did you go see Twilight? My friend and I wanted to go see it, but she works til midnight on Fridays and throughout the weekend....bummer when your only friends are the friends you work with, who work different hours! Lol! There isn't a kitty one yet, when I find a frame to decorate, I will let you know!!!!


we should totally make our own headbands like b's!
i love the extensions!


I'm closing my eyes to the Grey's stuff...I'm not that far into the series..just got through last season via netflix.....your hair is cute...perfectly pink :) Great lo...I did see all of the halloween stuff marked down at Target yesterday...but decided that I needed to "step away"

lois paulo

yeh, Ivy, I am confused about the izzy and denny thing. but i do LOVE them together. what about the new doctor? can't like him yet! Lois


Going to see Twilight on saturday, YAY! :D

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