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November 22, 2008


dragonflydreamer (Susi)

Your hair looks so fabulous. It's made me realize that I have to find a style for this mop of mine. Thanks for the inspiration. I want to look sophisticated sexy like you. Have a great day!

candi tardio

tell me more about the hk water much and where???

cute hair :))))


Your hair looks really cute! :D I liked the movie, but I think it could've been better if they picked a better actress for Bella. She sucked. She did not seem into Edward at all. And what was with that scene in the hospital. :S


SHUT UP...I just checked my mail..You simply rock my dear! What a total surprise...I love the card and oooohhhh...I can't wait to create with the goodies!!!! Thanks sista...u r the best!!!

BTW-your random pics are fab

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