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November 09, 2008



A very happy belated birthday to you, my dear friend!!!

Sorry for not getting in touch with you earlier...that weekend, I had a bunch of SBers from around the country visiting me for the weekend!

Looks like you had a GREAT time!
Good wishes to so deserve!! xoxoxo


Fun as usual! I cant believe that I managed to color one whole page for the duration of my being there. lol - Dave tells everyone the story of my coloring and how each card should cost at least $15! Thank you for inviting me and I cant wait for your eggrolls!! Mama Jo

elizabeth rosemond

Hmmm...I guess I should stop looking for my invite in the mail, huh?? LOL!!

candi tardio

so sad i missed that great party!!!
love the pic of dave and all the women! hehehe!!!


WOW! Whatta FABulous all the hedgie stuff! :)

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