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February 02, 2009



our trader joe's carrys chocolate croissants in a 3pack. NOT frozen. thus, the mixup. try those out. fantastic! also good at trader j's: chicken shu mai and pizza bagels (2 for 1.99)


Ivy, we need more info on the chocolate croissants....a picture of the packaging would be nice :)


Hi! I'm friends with Corinna and Thea (I *think* they'll claim me!!!) so that's how I found you. Your blog is cute! My curly-headed sister and I love the CatWalk products, too! You've got great taste...friends, hair products...scrappy stuff...I think I like you! :)


Hi! I'm moving all the way to Utah. Its going to be a looooong drive, but it will be worth it. Home is in Las Vegas, so we'll only be 6 hours away from Family! Yay!


Love those croissants!! The ones @ Mitsuwa are great too! YUM! I'm hungry...

Great job on the mobile..everyone will be green w/ envy :0)

What sorority is your friend in? I'm a Delta Zeta and will be getting together with some in Wheaton next month! YEAH!

Oh! Daruma Restaurant is on Golf & Moon Lake Rd. (Wendy's & CVS).

Have a great hump day! xoxoxo

Candi Tardio did a great job on that mobile!!!!

lois paulo

i love the mobile. pretty awesome.


Fun work decor! What did you use for the circle up top?


Okay sista...don't be writing about feelin' Birthday to your daughter will be turning 14 in march! oy vey

OMG, that mobile is FAB-U-LOUS!!! Wowza!

You buy stuff to make your hair curly and I but TONS of stuff to make my hair


MS. Ivy, I know what you mean about feeling so old!!!! LOL. The good thing is that we can always give some really good advise to those younglings...he, he...I love that mobile...LOVVVVEE IT!!! I am now on the look out for those croissants...they are my fav.

elizabeth rosemond

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the mobile
2. Why can't I escape you and those dang croissants??


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