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July 18, 2009



i am so OCD bout lip i have to go check that one out (i'll tell my hubby it's your fault)!
great stash of goodies---what a deal!


I love your LUVZ line up! LOL!!

Did you get the ring local (never heard of the "brand" ring but this is CUTE!) as well as the Lollies? Lookin' for some fun gifts for overseas guests...LMK!

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog & leaving comments :)

Happy birthday to Sam...{{{hugs}}} to you, Ivy!

Nancy Jones

holy shopping batman! love all the deals! love those little lip balms and the shoes and the pink paisleee whehewww im a pink paislee fein. LOVE maya road too!


great post! and I love those lip balms! I must go find one...


I just bought some of those lip balms the other day!! They're so cute! Love all the PINK PAISLEE stuff, too! Wish I knew about the warehouse sale, even though I'm trying to cut down on buying scrapbook stuff! Cool ring, dress, barrette,sandals, lollipops!!! HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to Sam!

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