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October 26, 2009



Hey, Ivy! I always love to see the pictures of all the yummy food on your blog :}
Love the labels you made for your invitations..that HA stamp is one of my faves!! Your cotton candy machine looks like fun... reminds me of when I used to make cotton candy at my first job working for Showbiz Pizza Place 26 yrs ago(now it's Chuck E. Cheese) Ok, now I feel old :{
See ya soon!


love cotton candy! poor thing---took 15 minutes to make that itty bitty cotton candy?! looked like a giant q-tip! LOL
your like my older son, he loves mint choco chip ice cream. go figure-a little boy liking something mint flavored?
so 'hangry' after seeing those shrimp!


woooo hoooo for the fabbie birthday!!!! glad you found the fun loopy punch:)


Happy Birthday, dear friend!!
Sounds like you had an awesome time - YEAH!!
Did you get my email? We either need to meet up or I can (hopefully) stop by your party BUT I don't have any info. I have people coming over that day :(
LMK, 'K! xo

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