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October 14, 2009



Hope you're having a great birthday month so far! BTW, love your new haircut! Cool Anthro b-day card, HK stuff, and yummy SB cupcakes! LOVE Sugar Bliss! Can't wait for some scrapping fun at your b-day crop next month. Looking forward to your homemade cupcakes:)

lois paulo

Well Ivy, that's the way to celebrate your birthday...All month long! I am bummed i have a wedding on your party date and won't be able to attend this year.
still need to connect to pick up my stuff, been soo busy babysitting lately. maybe friday this week??


we gotta have our cupcake right? looks yummy!
happy early birthday--- i know i'll forget later!


A shout out Happy Birthday all the way from California. I hope you have a wonderful month! Send me your address, I would love to send some bday love across the country!! Love your friend, Janel


OMGoodness....I'm totally starving now...for sugar...and it isn't even 6 a.m.!!

Happy early birthday sista....hmmmm...gotta work on that.

Melissa Stinson

Happy early birthday!! That card is too adorable- Anthro is just awesome, isn't it? Have fun with your 15% off! And what a great Hello Kitty haul!

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