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January 02, 2011


I have a question where are the directions to create one of your own?

Jordan Shoe

Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

Morgan Cullen

love love LOVE this! tried to follow you on typepad but couldn't link :( find me :)


it would take me a month to make each month alone!


LOVE it....soooooo fabbie Ivy!


Hmm... Lindy im not sure if I'm going to save them after this year but I might bring it home instead of keeping it
At the office I was a little weery if this calendar would even work cuz I like to write events on my calendar...
I might just have to write all the events & b days on my planner instead....basically it's just for decoration & cuteness not so sure about the productivity part of it ;)
it took me a few hours to create both Jan & feb ;)
It's finding the little embellishments to go with it that took so long..... I attempted to start on march but I was having difficulties finding green/st Patricks stuff ;(


That looks like it took a lot of time! But awesome! Are you going to be saving them for years to come?


I love it!!! Have a great week at work. Hugs!

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