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April 13, 2011


lois paulo

oh that's right, i forgot you told me about this weekend. me, i will be at karens crop. going to try to be creative and start my calendar too. wish me luck.


Yikes! Lois u r so right im behind in the calendar action
BUT I will make it this weekend cuz ill be @ paperdoll house crafting all weekend & I'll make may & Junes too!!! ;) lol

lois paulo

too cute, just like this is why no APRIL calendar?????? LOL


I don't have long enough nails! BUT these are awesome and you're so smart to use your Copics! LOL!! Great find, Ivy! xo


Hey Vianney ;) the strips are pre sized & are individually cut which for adults makes it even easier to apply
So you might have to do a little cutting for Miranda
Which I also did a little cutting myself cuz I'm a frugalista lol & i have pretty short nails, so i Used 1 pack for both hands ;) u will get 2 packs in the package but I just split 1 nail strip in 1/2 ;)
Here's a YouTube video you can watch for the how to
I actually watched a couple videos myself to see how easy/complicated they are to apply & it really is EASY peasy ;)


I'm not a nail painting fan but I gotta say, this is so freaking cute! You're so creative! Maybe I'll do it on Miranda. LOL. are they precut or sized?



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