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February 20, 2012



i LOVE essie polish! i don't do anything fancy with them but i love that brand!
i'll text you if i ever find the jason wu cat bag at target.


I hardly ever do color on my fingers ... Mani is typically OPI Sweetheart or Bubble Bath (depending on the batch). And I rocked Essie's Ballet Slippers for YEARS! My toes have all the drama - OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark is the current fave. So I guess you could say my nails live vicariously through yours!


The video is HILARIOUS!


Hi Ivy,

That video was pretty hilarious! I don't wear a lot of nail polish (mostly cuz of work), but I really love that Milani holographic polish, too. BTW, Your nails look gorgeous in all your posts. :) You crack me up with all your obsessions! :D

C ya !

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